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Spring 2020 - "I Believe"
Spring 2020 - "I Believe"
24 x 36" print

Spring 2020 - "I Believe"

digital downloads for coloring 

This conference coloring poster is "I Believe".  The posters are not just meant to be used at conference, print any time of the year, year after year, as many times as you want for $5. 

NOTE:  We recommend you ask your local print shop if they offer "engineering prints" or "black and white blueprints." Go to their website and order online.  My local Office Depot sells them for around $3 for the 24 x 36" print and they offer curbside pickup.  We recommend calling beforehand to verify prices and capabilities. Other shops such as Alphagraphics, Staples, Kinkos and FedEx have also been great depending on. your location.  Enjoy!  

I am offering a free copy of this coloring sheet that can be printed from your home computer.  It is sized as an 8.5 x 11, just select it. 

The date has been removed from the print. 

Enjoy friends! 

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