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Peek-A-Boo cards

A fun way to spread a little love in the world and support a beautiful cause. Psst, pass it on.


Happy birthday, Elsie!

Sunny Mahe once told me about how she loves handing out “Peek-A-Boo cards” and it grew a space in my heart. She keeps them on hand and passes them out with a handwritten note when she catches people doing kind things. Our family has fallen in love with this tradition and now we keep a stack in our car as well!

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A note from Sunny Mahe:

”I love the Peek-A-Boo cards! I think everyone likes to be noticed. So often we just go about our day and the people we admire or think about don’t even know that we thought about them. One of my favorite videos of Elsie is jut a silly 10-second clip of her hiding behind a piece of paper and then pulling it away saying, “Peek a boo!”

Losing Elsie has helped me to realize that we may not have a tomorrow to tell the people we love how we feel. So, I like to write little notes on the Peek-A-Boo cards to let people know that I see them and I value what they bring to my life.”

Cards + design inspired by Sunny + Elsie Mahe

Peek-A-Boo pack

we're bringing postcards back

Simple. Easy. Cool. And we even include the stamps!

We love sending a quick note in the mail! There's just something about holding an actual card. Perfect to send missionaries, students, teachers, primary kids, ministering sisters or brothers, grandparents ... everyone! And if you don't want to mail them, hang them up or frame for some sweet inspiration.

You're welcome.

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